Creating desired futures is one of the most important issues of our time

With all the disarray and uncertainty (or disruption) around, the future we imagine easily reveals our worst fears rather than what we aspire to. In the face of such a situation, we tend to direct attention toward preserving the current status quo and imposing solutions from the past, which can be an impediment. But it doesn’t have to be that way. None of this arises necessarily if we bring new opportunities into reality, especially opportunities we genuinely care about and that evolve through a larger process of building what we truly want—what I refer to as creating desired futures.

Let’s engage

There are three principal ways I love to engage with organizations and individuals—as a speaker, as an advisor, and as an educator. In each case, the format will be customized to the needs of the specific client and audience.

Together, we imagine and create desired futures

I work with organizations to tackle complex challenges by creating a new and meaningful future (rather than solving a problem from the past). The role in which I see myself is of an expedition leader, part of a moment in time when things are changing from one state to another. That enables me, together with my client, to identify where issues are occurring, formulate in the sharpest possible way what the issues are, and develop opportunities to intervene.