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Professor Shamiyeh is an experienced keynote speaker and passionate executive educator to large corporations, who’s known for his clear insights and compelling storytelling.

He delivers keynotes at company-wide events, conferences bringing together industry leaders, and speeches at small gatherings for senior leaders (e.g., networks of CEOs or senior VPs of global organizations). Speaking engagements include a comprehensive presentation and follow-up discussion on the devotion of interest.

Michael also works with organizations to design customized workshops that include the content provided in speaking engagements plus teaching exercises for applied learning and action plan development.

Professor Shamiyeh also advises firms and not-for-profit organizations with the aim to generate solutions that advance the organization. Advisory work includes the fundamentals and core concepts of the speeches and workshops but applies the preferred skill set(s) to a specific challenge or challenges at hand.

Recent topics include future design and sense making of novel ideas, organizational response to disruption, transformative change in firms, and development of innovation ecosystems.

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Whether you want to start a project, have Michael speak at an event, or set up a workshop for applied learning and action plan development, contact Michael.

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“Michael is a brilliant mind, exploring innovations in industrial history while making sense of disruptive technologies today. He is a rare species: a “deep diver” with a bias towards relevance and a great communicator, too. He engages and resonates with audiences of all ages as a keynote speaker.”

–Dr. Stefan Piëch, Member of the Supervisory Board
Porsche Holding Automobil Holding SE

“It was the best decision to have Michael as a keynote speaker at our global R&D conference in Berlin. He captured the audience completely. I highly recommend him—as an excellent speaker, for evolving a company’s innovation processes, and for hands-on projects where conservative methods stall or fail.”

–FRANZ ANDROSCH, Senior Vice President voestalpine

“With his tremendous passion for innovation, Michael transforms a workshop into an unforgettable experience. His network and the kindness of his facilitation are unique assets for any company wishing to better master its future.”

–JEAN-LUC THIRION,General Manager Global R&D ArcelorMittal

“Prof. Shamiyeh gave a remarkable keynote at our last DGMK annual Conference held at ExxonMobil in Hanover. Michael stimulated the group with well-founded ideas, a wealth of analogies and analyses from other successful (and failed) business cases to develop fruitful thoughts. He made a lasting impact.”

–PETER REICHETSEDER, Executive Board Member DGMK

“Michael is an outstanding speaker providing inspiring presentations based on his research and rich experience. It is a true pleasure listening to him as he is able to present complex matters in a comprehensive and easy to understand way. Our engagement with him turned out to be extremely helpful.”

–STEFAN WOLF, Transformation Office

“Michael addressed a group from the Kodak R&D community on his insights on Kodak’s response to technology disruption and the lessons learned. His talk drew near record attendance and was very well received! Participants appreciated the volume of research that he did in support of his conclusions.”

Eastman Kodak Company

“Michael is excellent in leveraging innovation; both on management and working level. His personal way of motivating us to reach our limits is unique, creative in itself and very, very smart. We are happy and proud to be part of his outstanding professional network.”

–MANFRED MATZINGER-LEOPOLD, Executive Board Member Münze Österreich AG

“Professor Shamiyeh supported us in describing future scenarios, putting these in concrete terms, and finding possible ways to succeed based on defined targets. In a masterly way he led us from a passive expectation of the future to an active organization of the future—I would like to thank him very much for doing so!”

Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberösterreich

“Professor Shamiyeh expertly guided the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in our joint effort to create a new center of digitalization on our campus in Steyr. His profound knowledge and creative genius have helped us evolve the idea of a new and modern center that appeals to a younger audience.”

–GERALD REISINGER, President University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

“Inspiring successful entrepreneurs is maybe one of the hardest jobs for keynote speakers. Michael’s talk to Austrian industry leaders opened minds and triggered a truly valuable conversation on how to go beyond disruption by creating desired futures. Even the best noticed they can get still better—good job!”

–FLORIAN DANMAYR, Cluster-Manager
Business Upper Austria

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